Benelux network for interim managers and consultants

Invest in your career

As an interim manager, the pressure is high to stay up to date with every issue and every topic in the business world. This programme assists experienced interim managers in gaining an insight knowledge of the core concepts underlying your activities. The possibility to set up a network, to discuss among interim managers and the refreshment of a number of aspects important to interim managers add up to a real return on investment.

This 1-day programme covers 6 modules each of them focussing on key competencies professional interim managers need to possess.

We connect theory to practice. Theoretical concepts and insights turn tangible through practical examples, cases, simulations, peer discussions and exercises. In addition to the faculty’s sharing of knowledge and experience, interaction and exchange amongst participants is a key element in the learning process. The distinguishing feature of this programme is the balanced offering of expanding one’s knowledge base. Furthermore, you will work on a project in a teamwork setting that is focusing on exchanging best practices. The Mastering Interim Management Programme intends to facilitate network formation amongst participants both during and after the programme.

The programme 'Mastering Interim Management' is targeted towards managers with at least 10 years of professional experience, with relevant experience in interim management who like to expand their professional relationships and who would like to gain insight into the knowledge of the core concepts underlying their activities.

Lay the foundations for success in your professional career and broaden your professional network with like-minded people from all over the industry.